Friday, May 19, 2006

Indian Famers - some comments by Jim P

First comment:
Maybe you can explain something to me -- I've read a lot of stuff by people concerned what could be ancient sites. But so many folks seem to be down on colonial-style features.

Considering the history of Southern New England Indians, we should be looking for colonial features in conjunction with their sacred ancient sites. They didn't abandon them -- they continued them, but at the same time they adopted colonial farming styles, erected colonial style fences and walls, incorporated Christian elements into their own spiritualism, etc.

The English so disrupted life for the Indians that they could no longer continue their daily, monthly, yearly activities and sustain themselves. They had to adopt colonial-style lifestyles to survive.

So why are so many down on colonial features? We should expect to find colonial style farms and walls and structures in the same place as their sacred ancient sites. Tomaquag is an excellent example of that.

Perhaps you could shed some light when you have time.

Second comment:
Have you been to the Pequot Museum? There is a terrific outdoor exhibit there of an 18th Century Native farm site. It really shows how their lives changed in such a short period of time and how similar their farms looked to that of the English.

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pwax said...

Well, I think that is a excellent point. We do in fact find Indian Farmers.