Sunday, May 28, 2006

Rock Spirits of the Hotcâgara

by JimP:
I came across the following web page that discusses the rock spirits of Hotcâk (Winnebago) mythology written by Richard L. Dieterle. Here is an excerpt:

"Rocks are of many kinds, and each variety has its own spirit chief. Relatively small rocks, which in English are termed "stones," are all manifestations of a single spirit, sometimes simply called "the Female Spirit." When the earth was newly formed, it spun and rocked uncontrollably, so Earthmaker tried to weight it down, but it only came to perfect rest when he scattered the Female Spirit over the face of the earth. In the Medicine Rite it is said that Earthmaker made her from flesh that he extracted from the right side of his body. Having formed her, he cast her down to earth where she split in two. When she landed, she shattered into many pieces, forming the rocks and stones of the earth."

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