Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summary of a good weekend of exploring

One of the goals of this blog is to make the point that sites are quite common and are located everywhere. This weekend I had the good luck to be exploring more in a rock pile "region" - a place where every available patch of woods has piles in it. Anyway, this is a bit of bragging, but also part of the basic message:

Saturday Morning
Single platform pile in Billerica
Saturday Afternoon
Gurgling Brook site in Bolton Cons. Land
Hilltop site in Bolton Cons. Land
Sunday Morning
Expanded/new sites in Bolton Cons. Land
Monday Afternoon
Visit to large pile at Whipple Hill, Lexington
New "burial ground" site at other location on Whipple Hill, Lexington

Count them however you like, that is a lot of places.

Note: I already reported on the first two from this list. Descriptions for the others will be coming during the week. That site in Lexington is the closest to Boston of any site I have found. It is startling to find a perfectly good site, right there effectively in the city.

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