Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Exploring From 2700 Miles Away

By JimP

Google Earth is an amazing thing. Who says I can't explore Rhode Island from the comfort of my air-conditioned computer room here in Arizona?

I was poking around the satellite imagery of the area near the petroglyph I posted earlier when I discovered a phenomenal stone wall site just to the West. This area is fairly remote and probably difficult to access and it is highly likely it may not have been visited by anyone for a very long time.

I am certainly amazed by the stone walls in this area, and I'd bet my left arm there's much more down there too small to see on the satellite images. Additionally, these photos represent only a small section of the entire complex of stone walls. Property boundaries my eye!

As always, click each image for a larger version:


pwax said...

That last one looks like a classic deer (or sheep) run, designed to funnel the animals to a particular spot.

JimP said...

I thought so too. Also, knowing the history of this area -- that there are no records it was settled in colonial times -- knowing how remote it is, and considering there is no obvious wall structure indicating any kind of enclosed field -- I don't think this is colonial.

I first thought the double row in the first two photographs might have been an old road. But the "road" leads to a body of water and ends. The water is at bottom left of the second photo.

pwax said...

The top picture shows and interesting pentagon structure - reminiscent of some earthwork designs. I have to say I agree with Jim that someone should explore these areas.

pwax said...

A year later, Larry Harrop went to investigate. Jim was right, and it is a big site.

The results appear here: