Monday, May 22, 2006

Thunderbird Nest

Bruce M writes:

I came across a neat indian definition. Click on the link and scroll down until you find the definition of Thundebird Nest. I've also came across an interesting place in Ontario, Canada in Algonquin National Park where there are known cairns and vision pits. Do a google search on it.


pwax said...

This is interesting but it is not a convincing proof that these interepretions and vocabulary are correct. In fact they say the equivalent of "we do not have a clue", so "thunderbird nest" or not, we still do not know if these hollows were by design or if they reflect post construction vandalism. For my part that means I am going to hold off on using a vocabulary which makes it sound like the issue has been settled.

Anonymous said...

Regarding rock piles....

The date August 12th might be correlated with the annual Perseid Meteor showers. They start any where from the 11th to the 17th- depending on the year- but cover a 3-4 day span and can be very intense.

Mondra Rose