Monday, January 01, 2007

More on the Queen's Cairns

by JimP
From my initial directions and Larry Harrop's exploration and hard work, it seems we've hit on another site of significant magnitude in Rhode Island. It appears the Queen's Cairns site rivals Hopkinton's Rockville in both size and scope. Larry writes:

I have never seen so many ground piles, split-wedged boulders, and piles on boulders. Hiked a couple of miles and I was never in an area that was void of one type of structure or another.
In addition to all the stone rows connecting boulders, ground piles, boulder piles, and split-wedged boulders, Larry talks about a different feature:

I also found a very strange foundation type wall that is impossible to photograph because of the undergrowth. It's built into the side of a hill. On the hill there are a few split and wedged boulders as well as piles on boulders. This was a wall about 10 feet long. On the right there is a 90 degree corner but this side is only 3 or 4 feet long. The left side is the same except there is a big standing stone at the end. Much too small for a typical foundation.
Larry has updated his Queen's Cairns gallery to include another 50 or so photos of this site. Also see the previous post on this blog for some video of a stone row incorporating a split-wedged boulder and standing stone. Thanks Larry!

[Click here] to visit Larry Harrop's Queen's Cairns gallery.

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