Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hardaway Dalton


Tim MacSweeney said...

Is this one of your finds (the previous too)?

pwax said...

Yes, I have been arrowhead hunting in Concord for about 8 years. It is not longer worth the effort as it has come down to about 1 find per year. In the "good old days" I found about 50 points and a couple of gouges.

pwax said...

By the way, it is interesting to know this is not a Squibnocket triangle but a late paleo-Indian "Dalton". I know because the point was found with others that are more clearly fluted.

Anyway, what is interesting, is that this little quartz triangle's shape represents the final stage of the paleo-Indian fluted point tradition. The fluting is still vestigally present as a slight convexity along the base of the triangle. Very slight tangs or "ears" have started to appear at the lower corners. In a few more generations the fluting disappears completely, and the tangs become more prominent and then we are into the "Eared Brewerton" tradition.