Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Unexplored hill in Tyngsboro

This is called "Forest Hill". According to my intelligences, this is an un-disturbed hill.

Update: I went up there and it was a sandy hill with at most a couple of rock-on-rocks. I conclude that up there at the edge of Dunstable it may be mostly too sandy for rock pile sites.


pwax said...

OK This is a dare to anyone who can get out there before I do. Personally I am planning to go next weekend, so you better hurry up if you want to scoop me.

In a separate matter, this is a challenge to Jim Porter, should he happen to get here reading comments: how is it different for me to propose exploring someplace, as I have in this blog post, than it is to reveal a site after it has been found? Does my prior description of the site suddenly become immoral when I locate rock piles there? - Just funning with ya.

JimP said...

At this time of year in Massachusetts, I think you're the only one nuts enough to go rock pile hunting in an unfamiliar woodland at an unsubstantiated site -- and to further believe you're doing it based on, "intelligence."

I'll think of you as I'm studying petroglyphs in the mountains while wearing short sleeves and soaking up the sunshine this weekend!

(big grin!)

pwax said...

There is little snow here in MA this winter so it is a good time of year for outdoor exploration. But no short sleeves.

JimP said...

Just remember that the Blizzard of '78 came in the middle of February -- and in 1888 New England experienced a blizzard of amazing magnitude in March. I, personally, have built snowmen in April. Only 3 months to go and you're in the clear!

pwax said...

I think most Massachusettslovakians , like me, would be secretly relieved if it snowed hard. Without out it, our natural guilt has nowhere to go.

JimP said...

Well, this lifelong Rhode Islander can only say he's very happy that he tried on his brand new Footjoy golf shoes today, and he'll be trying them out on the course tomorrow -- while wearing short sleeves. I'll pray for snow for both you and your guilt.