Friday, January 12, 2007

Rock Piles in Sharon, CT - from Brent Colley

Brent has been researching this site and describes it [Click here]


JimP said...

Excellent work Brent -- that's great to see! Kudos to Peter and this blog for their contributions. I'm thrilled after reading that web page!

It continues to amaze me that despite all we know about these sites -- despite the fact that the same features pop up from Pennsylvania to New York to Connecticut to Rhode Island to Massachusetts to Vermont and all places in between, despite the obvious patterns and similarities -- that we still have to, "convince," anyone that these are more than just the work of farmers.

pwax said...

I don't see there being much value to convincing people who will not go look. As for the others - get them to look, say a few things, and let it sink it. Let them chew on the information on their own, and they may come back.

Anonymous said...

I am curious about those two objects photographed on a stone.
The caption says they are mentioned elsewhere, but I found nothing about them. They look like iron, but where were they found?