Monday, January 22, 2007

Light posting after a weekend with no finds

Photos are going to have to be all from Journal notes this week, because for the second time (is it?) in a year of posting on this blog, I did not spot any new rock piles over the weekend. Part of what I set out to show by writing this blog is that sites are so dense you can go out and find a couple any weekend that you try. Lately, of course, I have been running up against the limit on how much unexplored woods there is within a half hour's drive. I think, in Manitou, Mavor and Dix make it seem like sites are sparse. Anyway, here is something from April 2002. It is a sincere effort but not done very rigorously.

I have now located 57 sites of rock piles, some with only one or two piles, others with 50-100. It just occurred to me as I look at the topo maps for "Billerica" and for "Maynard" that most of the sites are located with views to the Southeast or Northwest. To prove this I went through all the sites and counted, discounting sites where there is a 360 degree view, and putting 3 sites in a dual category I find that the tally of site view directions is:
#NW = 25
#SE = 21
#S = 4
#SW = 3
#NE = 3
#E = 1
#W = 1
#N = 0

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