Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Small Chamber In Exeter, RI

by JimP
While exploring the Queen's Cairns site the other day, Larry Harrop and Bob Miner stumbled upon the following small chamber. It sits near an area with foundations, some of them rather odd, from what appears to be an 18th century farmsite. Larry writes:
The chamber goes in about 6 feet then turns right a couple of feet. The floor slopes down slightly from the entrance making it high enough so that you can sit up in the back. Small rocks on top fill in any gaps between the 2 slabs on the roof and a loosely built back wall. Need to bring a flash light next time to see the back where it turns. I think it turns past the boulder on the right. It could go into the berm that you see on the outside.
Approaching the entrance:At the entrance:Another view of the entrance:Bob Miner taking a photo inside the chamber:Bob's photo inside the chamber:The back of the chamber:The red circle shows an opening to the inside of the chamber:For more photos of this site [Click Here] to visit Larry Harrop's gallery. The latest photos begin on page 9.

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