Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The day after Christmas on a hill in Groton

The day after Christmas I went to a hill I have visited two or three times before but where I have found very little. I went this time because I had never been to the north side of the hill and the topo map showed it to be a area of knolls and wetlands. Usually the north side of a hill is the least worth exploring (in my experience) but I am running out of un-explored woods close to home.

The whole hill has been extensively quarried and is full of exposed rock, boulders, and broken pieces of rock. As I came around to the north side, I saw an outcrop with a lot of broken rock on it, and as I looked more carefully I realized the broken rock was organized into rock piles.

Here is my first view:

Here is a video:

In this video, note the alignment of the three "piles" in the final frame.

This outcrop looks out to the west or northwest over a brook, and there was another part to the site on a smaller outcrop closer to the brook. Here is a video:

And here is a view from the top of the outcrop.

I'll post some still photos next.

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