Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Group Walk in Estabrook Woods

From April 2004 Journals:
Went out with Ed Myskowski, Norm Muller,and Steve Ells to show them the YYY site and to pick Steve's brain about aspects of Estabrook woods. I had a pretty good time showing off the site, walking and chatting. From YYY we headed west and south across HHH hill past the ... north of Mink Pond, to a knoll looking southeast back at the pond, continuing past Boaz Borwne's, and over and downhill to something called "Cornel Rock" - an outcrop at the edge of the open fields.

We saw several interesting things along the way but, for me, the highlight was the knoll looking back over Mink pond: there are two large rock piles on top at the edge of the overlook. Don't know how I missed that, I have been around that knoll more than once. Here are two views of the main pile:
There is also a third pile that belongs to this group, which I must have seen before, on the north side of the hill, easily visible from the path. This is a path I have been on before, cutting west off of the main Estabrook Rd near the north end of Mink pond. Several times ago, when I first explored Estabrook woods, I photo'd a large propped rock on a support boulder which looked like a turtle's carapace. Tim McSweeney had some fun with that photo. This time, when the group got to this point we all took another look at this propped up rock and commented on it. Apparently it is a feature that caught Steve's eye in the past, that Norman knows about too. Steve Ells was amused at the idea of 4 old guys, who know each other only slightly, walking around in the woods in something like the middle of nowhere and coming to a rock which three of them have a personal connection with.

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Tim MacSweeney said...

I did have fun with that photo and I posted it up just now...