Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dead Swamp

I walked along the eastern edge of Dead Swamp. With a name like that, I hoped to see something interesting. I wanted to walk clear around it but I was pressed for time and figured to at least get up to those ridges and valleys visible to the north of the swamp.

I saw one isolated newly formed pile. Sitting by itself with no context, I cannot imagine why someone, recently, would want to build such a pile. It looks like a sort of boundary marker.
(You can see the dead trees of the swamp in the background.)
I continued along and saw a smear of cobbles on a slope facing westward towards the swamp. I had been hoping to see something facing westward over the swamp - you know the kind of pile which is built directly on the ground, rounded, and perhaps with a white rock or two? Anyway this was all I saw as I passed:
I have little doubt that this once was a rock pile - but no clues in terms of little white rocks. Someone sure took care of it. I walked to the top of the little knoll and glanced around. Then I continued on my walk towards the north.

Later, I ran out of time and had to skip exploring much of the northern side of the swamp, and headed back the way I came in. When I got back to the smeared out pile, I looked more carefully. And there was a small bump on the slope I had not looked at the first time. When I examined it closely, here is what I saw:
Let's take a closer look.
So there is the white quartz "blaze" in the pile, as hoped. And this lonely pair of piles is all I could find. At least one of them survived the vandalisms of time. I wish I had been able to explore more there, around Dead Swamp.


JimP said...

The dead trees suggest the fairly recent work of beavers. Isn't it possible that some features are now under water?

pwax said...
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pwax said...
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pwax said...

There was a distinct cut-off between dry and wet land. I think you are right about the beavers.