Monday, October 29, 2007

More on Red Stones and Prayer Seats in Foxborough State Forest

Reader Keith writes in:
When I saw that brick red stone in Normans photos of Foxborough I remembered that there was also one in a 'prayer seat' here. I knew this rock was odd, it stood out, I have not found another one around here. I knew it had some kind of connection to this seat here. Also, the shape of the Foxborough 'prayer seat' area is exactly like the one I have here. (A large enclosed area with the seat at the far end) I am unable to take a complete photo of the whole seat because much of it is under heavy debris and leaf mould but I can distinctly see the same shaped outline!
I was very excited to have seen that link to one of my local piles!


pwax said...

An interesting observation being brought out by Larry Harrop, Norman, and now Keith. I'll try to keep a lookout for red rocks in prayer seats.

Anonymous said...

Where is reader Keith located? When he refers to "here," I assume it is not Foxboro.


Anonymous said...

Mendon, Ma.- sorry
I should visit Foxborough again to see those sites!