Friday, October 12, 2007

Speaking of pile-gap-pile...

The pictures don't do this justice but there was a sense that this pile was built in relation to a couple of boulders nearby. You see one in the background of each picture but no good view of the whole group. This seemed to be a solitary pile on a southwestern shoulder of a large hill - the one I have been writing about lately - but I don't trust solitary piles and looked around in all directions carefully. There was one more pile several yards uphill:And another hint of a pile over a ways on the slope. [I did not notice what seems to be in the crack until I got home and looked at the picture. It looks like things jammed in there but I guess it is a quartz vein.]

Then up to a ridge with one more pile,
and climbing to the little summit (not the main one), where there was this at the highest point: Then I rested on that rock you see behind. Took my cellphone out and thought: well if I forget it here, at least I'll know where I lost it and be able to find it. Which is exactly what happened.

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