Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Short stretch of stone wall - Hopkinton State Forest

Last Saturday I went back to Hopkinton State Forest to explore beyond the hill where I found a fair sized rock pile site - the one I have been reporting about for the last week. Saturday, I saw this stretch of wall down the western side and then a small rock pile site in the wetland back there behind houses. Then I went on to the true summit, another small site on one shoulder of the larger hill, a couple of minor piles here and there and then that nice rocking stone. It is a pretty nice walk in there. Anyway, I am going to be posting random pictures and site descriptions for then next couple of days. Then we can look at some pictures from a minor site off Elm Rd in Leominster.
I have decided to count short enough stretches of stone wall as a kind of rock pile. This one was isolated from other walls in the area.

Here is another little feature from nearby.
Note the wedge of rock in the crack and the hint of structure in the rocks to the rear.

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