Thursday, October 18, 2007

A small Westborough Rock Pile Site

A colleague told me about a conservation land with rock piles and I decided to go and try exploring it myself. I didn't find anything until I was trying to get back to the trail, feeling slightly lost and, ironically, stumbled on a small site in a break-out zone, where water was coming out of the hill in a little gully and wetland. I do not think these are the piles my colleague told me about and I did fail to find some nice site he talked about. Anyway, I was walking along feeling lost and saw this:Quite a nice pile. Usually at a rock pile site in a break-out zone like this, the piles are not so substantial, usually I expect just a handful of rocks on a support boulder.

Here is a picture of the slope with a more typical smaller pile. The view here is roughly southeast.
Here is a view of the same slope, facing more southwest:
A closeup of that pile:
(It is nice also to have such good light under the trees along with the color of the leaves. The light is never too good in the woods in summer).

So I walked down the slope, towards the north, following the faint gully that was forming there. Snapping pictures of most of the piles. Walking through the thick barberry bushes, getting a few scratches but, look at this:Worth the wait, in my opinion. Here are a couple more from in there:
A few feet further down hill I hit the trail and, looking back I could see this last pile, clearly visible from the trail about forty feet away. I had passed the site on my way in.

There is not a great deal I can conclude from this site - a small collection of rock piles along a faint gully, forming on the northern side of a hill. The piles are all supported on boulders and seem to be made from the rocks that were lying around on the hillside - some rounded, some sharp edged. No one ever tried to farm this rocky slope. At a glance I would have thought there were only two or three piles in there but poking through the bushes carefully turned up about eight different rock piles.


Geophile said...

There's something very pleasing about these pictures. I especially like the fifth one down. The piles have a pleasant feel to them.

pwax said...

Thanks geophile. Sometimes I cannot think of anything technical or sprirtual to observe at a site and am left trying to convey the mood of the place so readers at least get a sense of what it was like at the place.