Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ulster County, NY, near the Ashokan Spillway

By Geophile
An incident in the life of a rock pile enthusiast.
We were in Ulster County last Sunday, and I was dressed to go out for our anniversary dinner: nice skirt, brand new blouse, etc. Then he asked, "Can we wait until the Phillies game is over?" The game was barely half played, but okay. I'll just take a walk around the property with the camera. First I found the above, which is probably modern, but pretty, and it drew me in.

Down into the woods, I found this. Certainly a rock pile, who knows what kind . . . I'll look a little further, see what else is around.

Then some rock on rocks, like the one above. I kept going further into the woods, finding new things. There was a marsh, and some not-very-straight low walls. I couldn't go back at that point, not without following the walls!

One of the walls curved around, with this in the curve.
I found the standing stone you see above, and other curious features. What an interesting area! I was down there until almost the end of the game, always meaning to go back, "after one more picture." I have more which I'll share later.

Most people I know would not understand this, but maybe some of you will: I'd forgotten I was in good clothes. When I got back to the house, my skirt had burrs in it. My new blouse was covered with seeds and leaf bits. I had to change clothes completely, but--I had rock pile pictures. By the time I had changed, the Phils had won the NL East. Unbelievable! We enjoyed our dinner at the Gypsy Wolf, discussing stones and baseball. Not a bad start for our vacation.

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pwax said...

A good find. Step into the woods with a camera and there you are. I liked the ferns in the first picture. I think those are ebony spleenwort.