Monday, October 22, 2007

Monroe County, PA; a small site, part one

By GeophileWell, over the weekend we got back up to that site in Monroe County where my camera failed me. My son, Jonas Wisser, is home on fall break from Oberlin and since he had never seen the Railroad Drive cairn site, which is close to the trail head for the other site, we stopped there first. The picture above shows the nicest cairn there, which we've seen on this blog before, but it's always nice to look at. All of these pictures were taken by Jonas. (Training up the next generation!)

Then we went to the trail and made our way to the site. It was a beautiful day for it. One of the features of this site is a large, low rock pile featuring near one corner what I think of as a a rock-on-cairn as shown above. You can see it at the far end in the picture below, which shows the shape of the rock pile better. Notice the flat stone off to the left in the picture above. There were two like that at angles to one another.

There are a couple of short walls, too, incorporating some reddish stones.

And this possible split wedge, although the stone doesn't look wedged so much as placed. Note the low accent wall just behind it. The structure at the corner is the larger wall. There were springs and rock piles there, which I'll post separately.


theseventhgeneration said...

Nice job with the pics, Jonas! They look great!!

Geophile said...

Thanks! I'll pass that on. He bought a great camera and I will have to get his advice when I go to replace my dead one.

pwax said...

Definately a "wedged rock". A placement is as good as a more dynamic wedging to meet the definition.