Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More of the site near the Ashokan

By GeophileI thought I'd be able to finish up with this site in one more post, but it will have to be two. The situation of the features is worth describing. Most of them lay in a narrow strip between a sort of rock ledge, consisting of a drop where boulders were exposed as above, and a wetland of mostly grasses.

Above, the wall appears to head for the wetland, but in fact it curls around the rise. You can see a boulder on the rock ledge on the right.

At the spot above, a wall began from the ledge or outcropping.

There was at least one spring in the area between. Here a rock formation of some kind lay along one side of the small stream issuing from the spring.

Another wall headed uphill at a place where the outcropping disappeared. This wall went right up to a section of the house we were staying in and then continued up the hill and across Route 28A. I didn't follow it across the road. The whole area is well-marked: No Trespassing.

I didn't notice when I took this that my shadow was visible. I took it for the larger stones on top of the wall, which I guessed may have been added later than the rest, possibly by recent or current owners. I have a few more pictures of interesting bits of this site and will add them sometime soon.

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theseventhgeneration said...

I like the boulders in the first photo, and photo of the outcropping attached to the wall. I've seen stone walls starting from boulders out this way (60 miles away) and one is very near a nice cairn site that is only about 900 feet from a stream.