Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Foreign Languages and Our Stones

Received a lot of links by email about seid or seida stones in the last week, and many were very interesting. However, two really caught my eye and I thought them worth sharing with people here, if only to show that awareness of the stone sites of the northeastern U.S. is spreading.

The first was taken directly from the Stone Structures site, except that it is in Russian. The second is in Finnish, and boy do I wish Babelfish translated that language, but for now I can just admire how it looks. I may as well post a third link, not showing any American stones, but some very like them. Check out the platform cairns in the lower half of this page. And a fourth--because the stones look pretty nice as you get up into the regions of Santa's workshop. Here's wishing everyone a happy solstice, merry Christmas, or just a joyous holiday season!


pwax said...

Thanks for posting these Geophile. It is interesting that North Eastern US stones are of value to people outside this area. Also you are right: the stones are beautiful up near Santa's land.

Geophile said...

My latest article for the Portal.
Note the bit about propped boulders. Had to grind my axe a bit.