Monday, December 31, 2007

A thorough article about North Smithfield RI's threatened rock piles.

I always thought rock piles might play a role in supporting tribal recognition. Here the idea comes out. This is perhaps the most descriptive article I have seen about North Smithfield and the threatened rock piles there.

Towards the end of this [Click here] appears:

"If the stone piles could be shown to be Wampanoag-built memorials, that could be solid evidence — literally — of the tribe’s existence in the area."

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Look at this quote...what'd I tell you?
"One of the piles has a large quartzite stone in it. Germaine said that could mean it marks the grave of an important person, such as Nimrod, one of Philip’s chief lieutenants who died in the first Nipsachuck battle."

Update: This appears in a comment to this post from reader "Don".
Dr. Meli has done an outstanding job for our commission and the town. He put his extensive reputation on the line by indicating that this site was not merely 'field clearing by colonists'. He then set about to prove his beliefs and convictions and in the end, he did just that.
While I cannot reveal where it is exactly or the what has been located, I can assure all who have an understanding of our amazing Native American culture and history, that preservation and protection of this incredible site is assured."

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