Monday, December 24, 2007

Round Hill - Sudbury, MA From 2005 Journals

I proposed going back to old Journal entries to fill in some of the slow times when snow is on the ground. Forthwith....this is from Jan 15, 2005.

Then a warm rain washed the snow away and I got one short morning of exploring. I want to explore down in Sudbury and along the lower part of the "Maynard Quadrangle". Today I saw a gully just south of White Pond in Concord I thought I should explore - I did without seeing anything. Then I investigated one hill south of the there and it is too private, and one more hill further south again called "Round Hill" and part of the Sudbury Conservation Land did have a few minor hints of stuff on it.

First off the large stones and loose wall caught my attention near the southwestern shoulder and it seemed at this end to terminate in a platform pile which, as typical, could also be a field clearing pile. There was a fine view from up top which was a pretty bare hilltop. A bench to "Richard Forster - Naturalist" sits next to the loose wall and looks out to the south. The wall continues over towards the eastern side where, in a connected wall, there seems to be a stone "U" looking southeast.
My attention was drawn to the "U" because previously all the rocks in the wall had been large and spaced out. Here all of a sudden was a concentration of smaller rocks closer together. Looking closer I saw that what looked like a little corner in the wall actually was leading nowhere, so I conclude it might have been a "U" incorporated deliberately into the wall. On the north east of the summit there were a couple of possible rock piles and maybe a bit more on the northern slope of the hill too.
All these vestiges are merely possible rock piles. Nothing definitive but just hints of what might have been there before. Someone needs to go check out the one main stone wall and see if it aligns with anything.

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Anonymous said...

I googled Round Hill Sudbury, and found your pics from 2005. I've been going up there for almost 20 years now, and is a magical spot for me to go to... I have hundreds of pictures I've taken of Round Hill from 200 to 2008.. I wish I took more in the early years. That stone bench is one of my "spots in paradise" I go to think....and pray. Any way... neat comments you got going on the piles of stones you found up there. - David (framingham/sudbury line)