Sunday, December 30, 2007

Moments of self doubt

The other day I took FFC out to see a site I know and I was pointing out the sense of terracing, with lines running in the same directions as the lines between rock piles. He thought this was good evidence of this having been an orchard. And then I am thinking that the even spacing of trees in an orchard would be a good explanation of the phenomenon of grid-like arrangements of rock piles. And does this throw the whole theory of marker pile sites into doubt?

An answer is that this site bears a close resemblance to a number of other sites where there is less or perhaps no possibility of an orchard. So the burden of proof would need to lie with those suggesting the piles are from having an orchard. FFC, clever, points out that you would never put rock piles underneath apple trees cuz that would mash the apples when they fell.
Here, this captures the place in the snow. Every bump is a rock pile and you can see the terraces.

Here is FFC looking in the direction of the lines and terraces. Rosie the dog is a beloved companion.
At this site, everything points down the valley towards the southwest. This knoll has water on both sides.

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