Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Stow Grid

I went out and tried to make a map. This is qualitative and not accurate: lines drawn between piles represent lines of sight I actually saw along. Numbers next to the lines are distances in paces. Magnetic compass directions are given for some of the lines. One reason for posting such a picture is to see if someone with accurate surveying skills might be tempted to come do the job right.
I spent a few minutes with FFC looking at this with his "Stupid Sheet" and none of the directions quite came out right. Of course the horizon is not flat here, it is a steep southwest-facing side of a hill in Stow, MA

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pwax said...

Little story: At a NEARA meeting, I put down the notebook with this sketch and then lost it. It disappeared. The conference organizers announced the loss and asked if anyone had seen the notebook. This all happened at the afternoon break.

So either the hotel staff made off with the notebook or someone stole it knowingly. Nice to imagine someone would consider such a thing valuable. Lucky I got a scan and posted it before I lost it.