Sunday, December 09, 2007

Martin Gray's "Sacred Earth"

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The Most Definitive Work on Sacred Sites Ever Compiled
25 Years in the Making...Over 80 Countries and 1,000 Sacred Sites

Acclaimed photographer and anthropologist Martin Gray has spent the last twenty years on a pilgrimage photographing and exploring more than a thousand sacred sites in eighty countries. Now, this stunning beautiful and deeply rewarding book conveys the essence of this remarkable journey to locations and sites imbued with the power to awaken feelings of transcendence, awe, and peace.

Imbued with Historical Luster and Spiritual Magnetism

In these pages we not only visit, but find ourselves deeply immersed in our worlds most venerated and visited sites, including the ruins of Delphi, the supreme oracle site of the ancient Mediterranean; the Ka'ba at the Great Mosque at Mecca, birthplace of the prophet Mohammed; the great temple complex of Angkor in Cambodia, one of humankind's most astonishing architectural achievements; Machu Picchu, the secret ceremonial city of he Incas located high in the Andes; and New Mexico's White Sands, a place of shimmering beauty that was once a fabled site for the vision questions of Native Americans, to name but a few.

Accompanying each photograph is an insightful commentary that takes us deep into the history, mythology, and spiritual magnetism of the particular place. We come to realize that these stone rings, pyramids, shrines, and temples are often situated in locations that were discovered to possess special powers and energies by pre-industrial peoples who recognized the earth as a living and sacred being worthy of deep respect.

-- excerpted from the foreword, by Graham Hancock

About the Author...

Martin Gray is a photographer and anthropologist whose work has been published by the National Geographic Society.

During the past fifteen years, he has presented slide shows on the extraordinary beauty and precarious situation of the world's sacred sites to more than one hundred thousand people on four continents.

His award winning website, has received over twenty million visitors since 1998. Sacred Earth is featured in a major Feng Shui journal.

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276 illustrated pages of shimmering beauty

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Ji Hyang said...

I have that-- it's awesome although, not nearly as many sacred sites in North America are included as we could all imagine.