Monday, December 31, 2007

Hiking in Isle Royal National Park

Kind of interesting account:
"passed through a double rock cairn, one on each side of the "path." But of course, there really was no path up there - only stone, and fresh moss everywhere.

But what a view! We were definitely on the highest point of the ridge so far, maybe the highest point of the whole Minong Ridge Trail, even. Superior was close down to the north, and Canada wasn't far behind it. To the south we could see the Greenstone ridge rambling up & down to the east and west. It wasn't long before we'd had enough of the scenery; the rain was whipping in our faces, and anywhere the rain didn't get to, the bitter wind was happy to oblige, so we figured we better keep moving. But where? We spied another cairn in the distance, so we headed towards it. After that, we saw another. Funny thing, though - this rock pile was perched on the brink of a ledge, with no path going down that we could see."

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Sounds like the cairns might not have been marking a trail.

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