Monday, December 03, 2007

Odds and ends in the Harvard Woods

This is out northeast of the horse meadows - an area full of interesting stonework. A curious little structure, probably broken: Another view:How about this. It sure looks man made:I came across what looked like a little one-person room made against a stone wall from rocks borrowed from the wall. I guess you could roof this with branches although there was no sign that anyone had.And others:There are some ponds or lobes of one pond back in there with bedrock ridges separating the lobes. In one place a wall follows the bedrock ridge towards the water, then ends but a smidgeon of it continues as a small rock pile in one place and a perched arrangement at the very end. Here is how the ridge ends, embelished with placed rocks:
Here is a closeup of that last arrangement:
And then, short stretches of stone wall, are getting very familiar. This one ends in a standing stone.

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