Monday, November 09, 2009

Bright November Morning in Leominser State Forest

A few photos from a walk. It was clear and blue with plenty of light, off a side road north of Parmenter.

Ice crystals:
A spring, just off the path:A typical view, what about that split rock up there?Closer:

Closest:Here is a particularly nice example of a split wedged rock:
These examples obviously required single minded physical effort and I think they demand some better explanation than that they represent offerings to the spirit of the rock. Especially casual passers bye could not make such things. I want to hear a more explicit scenario.

Beech trees:
Fresh moose hoof prints:(They had a faint smell of large animal)

Underwater leaves:Another look at that nice wedged rock, if you watch closely you'll see very briefly another rock is shown at my feet and in line with the wedge in the rock. Sorry I did not pay more attention to it when I could.


JimP said...

Don't be so quick to dismiss the ethnography, or paint it with such a simplistic brush. There is much information, and while not all of it is cohesive, it is very complex.

For example, there are very interesting reports in the ethnography that connects mysterious lights, or the so-called Will o' the Wisp, to rock piles. Which makes sense, since that phenomena has been known to occur in swampy areas, exactly where we might find a rock pile site.

pwax said...

And the application to the particulars of this stone structure are....?

JimP said...

This site could have such a phenomenon occur at it. What's more, there are so-called Underworld connections all over the place -- Split Stones, springs, offerings (or prayers) on boulders -- a very spiritual place.

Chris Pittman said...

Thanks for posting these fantastic pictures. Very thought provoking.