Thursday, November 05, 2009

South of Camp Virginia... Bolton, there is a wetland and an undisturbed woods. Some of it is conservation land and a lot of it has occasional rock piles. I went to explore part of it last weekend and I can see that there is still plenty I have not explored down there, e.g. Barrett's Hill. Anyway, I walked in from the west having parked on the road that more or less bisects the map vertically - Rt 85, Hudson Rd. Found a couple of small rock pile clusters and then came back out. Here is one site, almost smothered in blueberries. and smothered in pine saplings:Also there was a nice boulder with rocks stacked on it. This is not that common. Look at the other side. Any theories as to what this is?

There was also a low wall there, too indistinct to photo, and a bit of structure too hard to make out:
This is along the blue dot trail. You ought to be able to find it.


theseventhgeneration said...

Do you think that large boulder on top could rock at all?

pwax said...

I do not think so but I didn't check.