Friday, November 27, 2009

Uphill from the see-through niche

by theseventhgeneration
Going uphill from the see-through niche, a small rock pile. Although this picture is a little blurry, I believe it is worth posting to show the line of sight. The see-through niche on the lower rock pile is at the lower left.Below, two views of the same rock pile, for two reasons. This is to show the small hole in the top. The construction is deliberate.Then, this view, 90 degrees from the picture above, the top of the rock pile lines up nicely with both the horizon and the rock pile above it.This standing stone is one that, in and of itself, I might question whether or not it was placed.But here is something to consider. Just above this stone, looking downhill you can see another rock pile in the distance so that the two together have an intentional appearance. If you click on this photo, you may see that distant rock pile just over the dead fall branch.This large rock pile is further uphill, at the flat or plateau that is just below a large outcrop.A view from the front of the boulder. Notice that, although there are trailing rocks at the back, there are no rocks stacked on top, to the very front of the boulder where it is flat. This would not have been efficient if this was field clearing. There is another rock pile just off to the right from this photo, but too far to fit both piles in one photo.This stone is pretty thick, so I can't say whether or not it is intentional as a standing stone, however, notice the two rock piles visible just above it in the distance. Visibility from feature to feature seems to be a theme at this site.This last rock pile is within view of a large outcrop (the outcrop is just off to the left). I looked at this pile from different views and it appears to be nothing more than a "heap of stones" until you look at it from this vantage point. It is pretty when looked at from this direction.The majority of the site is just behind and to the right of this rock pile.

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