Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cabell cairns pique archaeologist's interest

From the Charleston Gazette


James Gage said...

It is refreshing to read of an archaeologist who has read the ethnographic literature, is applying scientific methods to the investigation of a stone structure site, and open minded enough to consider a Native American explanation for stone cairns.

The article mentions the location of this site on a 60% slope on the upper reaches of the hillside. This is a common trait for West Virginia cairn sites.

There will be another article coming out sometime early next year on another group W.Va. cairn sites found on a state park. The state has surveyed, photographed, and documented these sites in some detail. We had an opportunity to consult on the site and were interviewed for a forthcoming article on them. I will post further information on rockpiles once the articles is published.

James Gage

pwax said...

I came to the almost opposite conclusion.