Monday, November 02, 2009

Two Walls and a Spring

Norman Muller writes:

The effigy site [see here ] in western Massachusetts, which also has a curved wall with a spring in between, made me think of a similar site in Vermont.
Six or seven years ago, Ernie Clifford showed me a small but spectacular site in Rochester, VT, that he wrote about for the NEARA Journal. Located at the top of a steep mountain slope are two distinct walls with a spring in the gap between them. Each wall section measures 40 or so feet long, and I have no doubt they were constructed this way and were not at one time connected. Three of the attached photos above show the two walls from various directions.
6a shows a split boulder below the wall to the right with a metric rod leaning against it. This boulder appears as "Fig. 13" with a phallus-like stone between the split halves. A cairn has been built against one half of the split.
There is more to the site than these walls and split boulder. A very large cairn on a boulder is one of the highlights, along with two round platform cairns and other stone features.

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