Monday, November 02, 2009

A niche built into a wall with other anomalies

From the Great Elms Conservation Land in Harvard, MA:
Update: Norman Muller writes:
I just looked at your blog and saw that fascinating photo of a niche or small chamber built into a wall. It reminded me of one I saw more than ten years ago in Scot Run, PA, also part of a wall (see attached).
The stonework to the right of the niche in the photo you posted looks interesting. What else is there?

To answer the question: there is a hole in the wall, roofed over with a flat rock, and a few other flat rocks propped against the wall there.


Norman said...

My, my my! What are those two small pyramidal stones sticking up above the leaves in the foreground?

Could you also post more photos of the stonework to the right. It looks intriguing.

pwax said...

I did not notice the little pyramids when I took the picture, and took no other photos of this spot.

Chris Pittman said...

Great photo!