Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rock pile of the day

Welcome visitors from W.VA.


pwax said...

I meant to mention to new West VA visitors that these piles are common in New England and throughout the south. They also appear to be common wherever Algonquian speaking Indians lived in the past - including California and some mountain states. Your state archeologist is suprisingly unaware of this. Also there have been numerous advances in the study of Native American astronomy - information that may be necessary for understanding these cairns.

James Gage said...

To the best of my knowledge the W. Va. state Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) which includes the office of the state archaeologist has taken a neutral position on the issue of Native American stone structures. W.Va. SHPO was involved with the Native American cairn & stone wall site we consulted on for the state park service. so, they are fully aware of the existence of these structures. Interesting enough, the official SHPO site form actually lists stone mounds under the heading of Native American prehistoric sites. http://www.wvculture.org/shpo/siteform.pdf The wvculture.org website contains several articles attributing the stone walls at Mount Carbon to the Native Americans.

James Gage