Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Split boulder from Montville CT

Norman Muller writes:

Beaver Dam Hill in Montville, CT, where the “souterrain” is located, is also chock full of cairns. Ted Hendrickson, a photographer by profession, was looking for the souterrain with his wife, and came across this marvelous split-wedged boulder with some donation stones on top. I look upon these wedged boulders as a Native American signature. I also see the stones on top as later than the stone wedged in the split: in other words, in response to the wedge.


pwax said...

It looks like it is part of two parallel lines coming diagonally off from the wall

Norman said...

Please explain. What wall? This is a split boulder, undoubtedly of gneiss. There is no wall nearby.

pwax said...

There is what looks like a stone wall at the back of the picture. Draw a line from the split rock, over the rock behind and to the left of it, towards the wall. Compare this to a line joining the rock pile on the right of the picture, to the damaged rock pile behind and left of it, towards the wall. These two lines are approximately parallel.