Thursday, May 27, 2010

Church Rock, Westminster, MA - round and oval mounds part 2

With reference to part 1 here, there was a nice large rock pile next to the road at "A" and another a bit deeper into the woods at "B". In each case there were smaller satellite piles.

At "A", two views:Here is another view with one of two or three nearby smaller piles in the foreground:Saw some Lady Slippers on the way to the next example at "B":What a treat seeing this in the background:Getting personal for a moment (and getting a view from slightly above by standing on the stone wall):As usual, I was in too much of a hurry to look around carefully. Looking at the pictures I took afterwards, there seem to have been some related stones I should have payed more attention to:
So what is the point? Just that these piles at "A" and "B" are a different style from what I am used to. I recall seeing smaller oval piles out in western Sterling (see here), and from a reader (I forget who but it was also west of Wachusett) some larger oval ones. Also perhaps similar to these smaller domed oval piles from Ashby (also a western sort of place). Maybe there is some sense to this. We'll keep our eyes open. I have occasion to drive back out west this weekend and maybe get another walk in out there.

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