Thursday, May 06, 2010

More of those Leominster Mounds

Revisiting an old favorite place (rather, a favorite old place):

Pile #1, various views:From on top:

Pile #2:Pile #3:Piles #4 and #5:
Please note the small structure in the foreground. As much as anything else, small details like this are key to seeing this as a ceremonial site.

Pile #6:
This one is pretty much smeared away. One suspect worse than vandals; perhaps it was formally excavated in the past?

Pile #7:Note that bit of wall coming out and turning a corner to the right in the foreground. Another "tail". As I look at these, I am increasingly convinced that the "tail" represents what is left of the wall of an open structure, perhaps roofed at one time with some now decomposed material, that was connected to the mound and part of its design.

Piles #8,#9, and #10 were the example from yesterday. Here is a video:

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