Friday, May 07, 2010

Another little rock pile with a tail

This looks out towards the southwest, over Rocky Pond in Leominster State Forest. Last time I looked at this site, the main pile seemed like such a messy pile, near enough to Fenton Rd, that I thought it was probably just bulldozer activity. But this time I had a careful look around, recalling that there were also some smaller piles nearby. As I was saying, it is these small outliers that cinch the deal for me.Taking, therefore, a closer look at the main pile we see what is actually a very typical (and now familiar) design:
On the left is a rectangular structure with a depression in the middle. Then the pile has a lower wall-like extension curving around and ending to the right of the tree. This "tail" encloses another rectangular space.

I know this might seem a laughable interpretation of what looks like just another pile of rubble but, for me, this is a pretty standard Wachusett Tradition site with a view to the southwest over water and with the small outlier piles.

Note the map fragment from here where "A" is this site overlooking Rock Pond. Also, the plan of the main pile is this:
In general for sites along Fenton Rd, see here.

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pwax said...

Compare this small pile with a tail to the huge mounds from a couple of post ago - from the same general area. The larger ones are at a higher elevation, more sky-ward than "water-ward". These could be different phases of the same culture. It tickles some kind of thought about sky focus versus water focus.