Monday, May 10, 2010

Cold Spring creek branch - Arctic China State Forest, NY

by theseventhgeneration
Hiking along a logging road, then the Finger Lakes trail, I spotted a small rock pile embedded in a steep bank overlooking the creek. The top two rocks are a small rectangle set on a larger square, if viewed from above.After following a few more (similarly embedded in the bank) rock piles, this one stood out for a perfect photo op:Looking at that same pile, down from above it, I couldn't adjust the light properly because I'm working with two broken cameras, but this gives a good concept of the grade.Just above this rock pile, along the ridge, there are several ground piles that are not so obvious. At first I thought maybe they marked the edge of a field. There were only a few. I followed a row a short distance into plantation pines, and they ended.

Keeping up with the creek, at a bend I found two vertical stones in an arrangement I've seen before (here and here). The half meter stick is in the photos.Note the small triangular stone at the base in this photo:The drop down to creek is in the background of this picture. I added a black line, so the triangular rock would be visible.The creek is to my back here. The tip of the triangular rock is just barely visible at the top, in the center.Just above a split in the creek, this was one of the last rock piles I found. It is just below a small, flat swampy area of the creek. This view is looking downstream.

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