Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Mound joined to short stretch of stone wall

When I saw this mound, I could see a wall emanating from it, but the wall led off downhill where I couldn't see. I was thinking of Norman's fine photo from the Oley Hills [click here, 4th photo] and wondering if the wall stopped short (click to enlarge):So I had to go downhill through the downed trees to find out. Saw two more mounds down there and found that, indeed, the wall does stop after a while. So the site layout is something like this, with a run-off gully starting at the first mound, constrained a bit by the wall, and passing between two other mounds around where the wall ends, something like this:
Some other photos from the lower end of the arrangement, here are the two mounds, as seen while looking towards the wall:
Here is the run-off gully passing between the two mounds, with the end of the wall to the right:It is interesting that the wall is nicely squared off at this lower end. I have little doubt this is ceremonial and, as such, it dispels the idea the somehow Indians did not terminate walls in a tidy fashion. So I am getting over the misconception that tidy wall end means the wall was built by anglos.

One last look:Gosh this place needs to be cleaned up. I made a comment to the Leominster Fire Department warden (Paul Kennedy) about how the whole place needs a good fire, realizing later he might worry I am an arson. I am not but these woods are a mess and the Leominster Fire Department should do some controlled burns.

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