Thursday, May 13, 2010

Small site by Prestwick Dr. Hopkinton MA

Wanted to get into the woods off Prestwick Dr. hoping to head south but my way was blocked by houses and I ended up exploring on the other side of the road in a small patch of woods.Hopkinton is in the category of towns which "never disappoints" and, a few feet into the woods there was a fine example of a single layer of stones on a boulder:
Norman would want me to point out the possible standing stone at the near end of the boulder. There were a few other inconspicuous piles down to the edge of the wetland:There must have been quite an Indian presence in this town, because virtually every patch of undisturbed woods has rock piles in it.

Then I went to explore a bit of the State Park north on Rt 85 and I cannot remember if this is from the later walk or the earlier one, a very nice split-wedged rock:
Closer:Closer (note the drill holes):

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Norman said...

Hmm. A different slant on things. It would appear that the person who drilled the boulder placed the wedge, rather than this being a colonial period manifestation of an Indian practice.