Friday, May 28, 2010

Peachtree Mound in NC and site complexity

Reading articles like this makes me think of rock pile sites. The hypothesis is that large complex rock pile sites may not be so different (at least conceptually) from what we read about in the article.

Interesting comment about rectangular versus circular houses. And this:
The largest mound at the Peachtree site was oval shaped and faced due south. It was about 25-30 feet high when new. Oval shaped mounds were typical of the Lamar Culture, which was directly ancestral to the modern day Creek Indians. Mounds built by the Kusa-Creeks of this cultural period were oval, but faced west. Such is the case of the nearby mound in the Nacoochee Valley. Okonee Creek mounds were pentagonal. Tamatli-Creek and Apalachee mounds did face south, but were extremely linear. Only the Kowite–Creeks (Mountain Lion People) of the area east of Franklin, NC and south of Asheville, were known to have built oval shaped mounds facing south. During the 1700s, the Kowete or Coweta in English also had many towns in the Colony of Georgia."

And one more little goody, in reference to a published history of the Cherokee that had them not building mounds: "... The project was simply an example of extremely sloppy and ethically questionable scholarship."

Such comments resonate.

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