Monday, June 13, 2011


Reader Lee (from writes:
I found a Neville Point spearhead dart along the Merrimack River in Newburyport this spring...
"...I found the dart during that "super tide" that we had in March. I think it was around March 20th. The Merrimack River had been dredged last summer and there are many new sandbars in the area and some of the older sandbars have disappeared. I wouldn't be surprised if the dart was unearthed during the dredging and with the very low tide on the 20th, it ended up on the beach right at the tide line."

Note: After some email exchanges, Curtiss Hoffman suggests this may be a "Mansion Inn" point from the transitional archaic.


pwax said...

I think it is a Stark point with a damaged base.

Unknown said...

Where exactly in Newburyport did you find it? Do you remember if perhaps it was mosley pines or modsley state Park? Or even Cashman along the shore? Im from the area and have taken up a fascination with local artifacts so any help would be appreciated!