Monday, June 13, 2011

Paul Hill - Sherborne MA (Part 2 )

[See part I here] Getting back to the report, there were a few larger rock piles along the road a few yards east of the first ones, also on the south side of the road. Something like these.These could be field clearing piles, messy as they are and right next to the road. But I don't want to see a corner or a retaining wall on a field clearing pile:
Nor do I want to see a few rocks on top of a boulder, as a field clearing pile:Nor do I want to see other rectangular piles nearby with rock sizes selected to be roughly uniform, or layed down like a pavement rather than a smeared angle-of-repose pile:
Nor do I want to discover that these piles are localized to within a single 1/2 acre [I have now explored nearby reasonably carefully and there was one more expression of this type of pile, which I will describe when I get around to explaining the previous "Teaser"]
So, all in all, these actually do not work as field clearing piles. I was looking for hollows.

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