Friday, June 24, 2011

Flatrock Hill, Dunstable MA - a hill too far

Looking for more mounds with hollows, I went to the next further north hill in Dunstable. It is called Flatrock Hill and is within a mile or so of the southern edge of Nashua NH. Maybe I did not see any because I still, reflexively, head up the hills rather than down into the flats. I thought the valley between Blanchard Hill and Flatrock Hill might be interesting and there was a standing stone with gunsight there:The name "Flatrock" suggests either a single notable flat rock or else a geology of flat rocks. It turned out to be the latter and the hill was all chopped up with quarries. I climbed thinking there might be something made from quarry debris at the top. Just a little: But there was nothing notable for a while. Later, having made the circuit of the other hills, I stepped across the wetland between two of the smaller hills and into a very green place, full of rock piles in different stages of disrepair.A pretty place, a field gone back to woods: I'll show you some of the pictures but the main point I wanted to make about this site was that it seems clear there are piles of different ages. Some older:Some newer:Otherwise... Please look at the Symmetry:(another view:) and here: Please look at the Shape: I did not find the Wachusett Tradition but I'll remember the green. The map:

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