Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Very old rock piles

My tendency is to think of rock piles as a mid to late woodland phenomenon. Once in a while I am reminded that they can also be a lot older.

This one is supposed to be 7500 years old. Not sure about the date of this one, perhaps it is woodland. But it is interesting that, at these ages, the piles are completely smeared out.


Chris Pittman said...

The Chauvet caves in France feature an intact rock pile that is perhaps 32,000 years old. It is believed this place was used for ritual or ceremonial purposes. This must be the oldest intact rock pile on Earth.

Norman said...

The rock pile from L'Anse Amour in Labrador is 7500 years old, as it contained a burial that was dated. It also had a head stone-type standing stone in front of the pile, but someone stole it.