Sunday, June 19, 2011

Revisiting Punkatasset

The northwestern side of Punkatasset Hill in Concord is covered with rock piles, flanked by a stone wall that heads downhill along the side of the site - broken into two short stretches. I did not notice before, but the predominant impression is of piles that are triangular.

Here are some of the piles (sorry for the blurry focus of the rainy day):Here is a "twins" pile:For all the time that goes by, I still see this as a real pattern - a rock pile with two rocks on a support boulder, the two having a similar shape slightly like an off center manitou stone.

Here. Is this a triangle or some other sort of structure?I think this type of site is well characterized by the triangular piles and the short stretches of stone wall down the side of the site. Here is the upper stretch:The lower stretch:Here is a view of both from below. Sorry about the poor depth of field:[There is a site a Callahan State Forest in Framingham with similar features]

Another pile that caught my attention: a small triangle with an obvious standing stone:Another blurry view:

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