Thursday, June 02, 2011

Paul Hill Part 1 - Sherborn, MA

Geez I am getting senile! I couldn't remember where I walked last Sunday. Another weekend, another rock pile site. But I reconstituted the visit as follows: I went out to explore a valley southwest of Brush Hill, with the backup plan of going up and around the hill. I drove over there and could not figure out where I was on the map (I think Green Lane is mislabeled) and could not figure out how to park. Took a short stroll on the Brush Hill side of the road and quit after thinking it was more of the same from the last time I went there (see here) and, while driving back and forth trying to find a trail head, I noticed some rock piles on the south side of the road at what I now see is Paul Hill. We'll look at this in a second. There are rock piles all over on Brush Hill so, together with these new ones on Paul Hill, maybe the next time I want to drive down that way, I should check Peters Hill. Come to look again at the larger map (not shown above) I really do want to get down into that valley. I'll have to approach from a different direction but it is a maze of small roads. On one stretch of road, I think on Green Lane, there is a hill or bluff to the south with several rock piles along the edge of the bluff, visible from the road. Here is one:Here is another. Note the quartz:Closer:Both piles are built on a boulder and have a bit of a small hollow or niche at their center that seems slightly non-random.

A smaller pile and a couple of other things on the level top of the bluff:
Something rather special about this site were two wall bulges. Here is the first one: It looks a bit as if someone dumped rocks over the wall. But if that was so, more of them would have ended up on the ground around the outcrop. One more view shows a second wall bulge in the background:Here is a closer view of the second. I think these are rather unusual.

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Tim MacSweeney said...

The stones on the outcrop look placed rather than dumped - sort of a circle of stones around one in the center, sort of like a "hollow," if I understand what you mean by that correctly.